1. Outback Man

From the recording OUTBACK MAN

OUTBACK MAN is story of Australian outback in the late 1800's.

A country where a boy could dream to ride the old outback, explore and search for adventure. A place where drovers roamed the width and breadth of a sunburnt country and lived a life of freedom on the trail.

This truly country song features the musical talent of Pixie Jenkins, one of Australia’s most renown fiddle players.

BOHEMIAN ROGUE have injected the feel and sound of country into this song with a unique mix of instruments including guitar, mandolin, banjo, gazuki and fiddle.

The song writing talents of Clive Carter along with driving melody by Gary Mears keeps this song charging to the end.

The chorus certainly makes you feel like you are in the outback riding your horse and not looking back.

So join BOHEMIAN ROGUE and ride….to the setting sun… Hats off for their latest song release ‘OUTBACK MAN’.