The story so far


Clive Carter & Gary Mears

 Currently performing as BOHEMIAN ROGUE DUO  

Playing, Festivals, Private Functions, Clubs, Bars, Breweries,

2023  Bohemian released 4 original studio recorded songs

Exciting new original songs to be released in 2024



won noosa fm 21 summers song competition

Bohemian Rogue's song "Ode To Moffs" Including full band performance at The J Noosa

2018 -2019

Performed as a trio

Band Members: 

Clive Carter,

Giovanna Oleni,

Gary Mears,

Highlights including performing at the Caloundra Music Festival along with several other local festivals


2015 - 2017

Where it all began

In 2015 after a late Saturday night with friends playing music and perhaps a red wine or two. The conversation turned to... more people should be able to hear my songs. There and then the original Bohemian Rogue band was formed

Clive Carter - Guitar , Vocals, Songwriter

Giovanna Oleni - Bass , Harmonica, Backing vocals

Tony Tofoni - Lead Guitar

Peter Woodman - Mandolin

Steve Estella - Drums, Backing vocals